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Nyepi Day, serene and quiet in the Hindu New Year in Bali

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Silent moment on Nyepi Day in Bali
If you need to listen the sound of silence, so you need to visit Bali this month.
Bali is a fantastic island. Bali is famous for its culture and tradition. One of the unique days in the world will take place in March 21, 2014 in Bali. It is known as Hari Raya Nyepi or Nyepi Day, the silent day. This is the celebration of New Year according to Icaka calendar that used by the Hinduism followers in Indonesia especially who live in Bali.

Praying at the temple before Melasti.
On the silent day the followers of Hinduism will do a special ritual by not doing four types of activities namely no fire or electric, no work, no travel and no entertainment. The silent day is going to be lasting for 24 hours. Why do they take such an unpopular action? According to Hinduism’s belief the action has an important meaning as a self control effort, so that in the coming new year everything will be better.

 The rituals on Nyepi Day:
1. Amati Geni - no fire or light (including no electricity)
2. Amati Karya - no work
3. Amati Lelanguan - no travelling
4. Amati Lelungan - fasting and no revelry.

The entire road in Bali will be quiet, also no lights on, except in the hospital. You can not watch television and listen to the radio, the airport is also closed one day during Nyepi Day, 

If you have had a plan to travel to Bali this month, don’t miss this good occasion. Just give this silent day a try and you surely will get the very valuable experience. But don’t forget to prepare everything to face this scarce event. 

bali, , nyepi, radio, raya, silent day, tradition, Ogoh ogoh, nyepi day, hari raya nyepi, Balinese New Year, Melasti, Tawur Kesanga, New Year
Melasti ceremony on a beach, just before sunset. Image:
Get ready because within 24 hours you will live without electric. There is also not any transportation within 24 hours for no employees going to office or workplace. Moreover, there is not any entertainment to enjoy. You will only live in your room of the hotel you hire without looking on a television set or listening to a radio.

But three days before Nyepi Day, you can watch the procession Melasti ceremony. The ceremony was conducted in all villages in Bali. The ceremony was performed in every temple and then proceeds to the river, or beach close to the village. The journey from the temple to the beach or river is a beautiful carnival, followed by almost the entire population of the village as you see in the picture ini. The ended by the beach or along the river. The ceremony was very colorful and accompanied by a group of musicians Bleganjur, which followed participants from the ceremony of the temple toward the shore or riverbanks.
Ogoh ogoh, nyepi day, hari raya nyepi, Balinese New Year, Melasti, Tawur Kesanga, New Year
Ogoh ogoh parade. Image:
You will see festive ceremony the day before Nyepi Day, Tawur Kesanga. The ceremony was celebrated with a parade of Ogoh - Ogoh, the various tangible monsters made ​​of bamboo or wood frame, then molded in a variety of sizes and stature devils, demons and various other terrible form. Ogoh - ogoh is a symbol of the devil or evil, and at the end of Ogoh - ogoh parade all the burnt, symbolizing the destruction of evil spirits, so as not to interfere with humans and the universe.

Basically the core of Nyepi Day, the Balinese Hindu community want to ask God the Almighty so that there is a balance in the relationship between man and his fellow human beings, as well as balance in harmony with other beings or the environment, and of course the relationship is created in harmony with the Creator. Therefore, at the height of the Hindu New Year celebrations in Bali, the day after the ceremony Tawur Kesanga, Balinese Hindu community will stay at home for reflection and contemplation to perform better life in the new era. Did not have a celebration of the New Year the same meaning as you feel these days?
bali, , nyepi, radio, raya, silent day, tradition, Ogoh ogoh, nyepi day, hari raya nyepi, Balinese New Year, Melasti, Tawur Kesanga, New Year
Ogoh Ogoh burned after the parade. Image:
If you want to enjoy the peace and quiet, come to Bali to experience the Nyepi Day, a celebration of the New Year is unique and very rare in this world. You can book a package holiday Nyepi Day at a travel agency, so you can enjoy the wonderful atmosphere at the hotel or villa of your choice.

You may have a question to ask. What should I do along this silent day? Just do nothing but relax. Enjoy the silent day with meditation then you will get more healthy and happy.

What do you think if the silent day occurred more than once in a year? Just imagine when all of the people in the world follow this action. It can be a great contribution in saving our world.

Let's celebrate a Silent Day like Balinese. Of course, this activity can be done anywhere.

During the Nyepi Day Balinese Hindu in Bali not doing 4 types of activities as mentioned above suc as: not driving car, not using motorcycle, not using electronic stuff such as TV, radio, computer and not using cellular phone. 

This quiet and serene atmosphere only lasted one day, and as a tourist you should not be out of the hotel's location, but you do not worry because many hotels will provide a package of Nyepi Day.

Ask your government to follow this Silent Day, so we can help our planet without any polution, just one day.


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