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Learning words and simple phrases in Balinese

Balinese letters, Bahasa Bali, learn Balinese language, learn balinese words
Letters in the language of Bali
Hello, Om Swastiastu.
Kenken kabare?

Every nation must have its own language, the language of conversation and the national language or official languages ​​used in the country, there is even an official language for business and government, as well as the language used in the in the united nations.

Singapore chose English as the official language for business and government, though in Singapore we will meet people who speak Chinese, Mandarin, Malay, Indonesian, and Indian languages. Just for information, Indonesia is very fortunate, since October 28, 1928 has vowed to Indonesia because the Indonesian language has hundreds of local languages ​​and hundreds of dialects. The decision was very wise and done before Indonesia's independence in 1945.

If no such oath, you can imagine the chaos that would occur in Indonesia, which has a lot of tribes, languages​​, dialects, local culture and character are also different, even different religions. If you are in Europe, there is a country to the present fuss and fight about the use of language, the country is Belgium. The country is split into users Dutch and French, and so many problems that occur. You also encounter similar problems in Canada, namely the struggle for influence between English and French.