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Bali Surfers Paradise

surfing in Kuta, surfing in Seminyak, bali surfer paradiseWhat is your favourite outdoor sports? Do you like surfing at the beach? Where you've conquered the waves of a beach?
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Surfing spots in Bali. Image:
You probably know Nias Island and Hawaii  are famous surfer's destination; Bali has long been renowned as a surfing spot, both for beginners and professionals. 

If you are just learning or a beginner, you can surf in Kuta Beach. Along the coast are a lot of beginners to learn for the first time. On this beach there is a place to learn surfing and this activity is carried out along Kuta Beach, the beach in the Padma to Seminyak Beach.

If you are a professional or experienced, then there are some beaches you can conquer in Bali, namely Medewi Beach, Uluwatu, Dreamland, Bingin, Padang Padang and Balangan beach. Have you been watching the movie "Eat Pray Love"? In this film you will see scenes of Julia Roberts in Padang Padang beach. 
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Surfing School in Bali. Image:

This beach is beautiful and romantic, because that was chosen as the shooting location of Eat Pray Love. Padang Padang beach is good for you because is not too crowded.

If you want to watch the sunset after surfing, the Kuta Beach is the place to be. Sunset on the horizon is very beautiful and spectacular.
In addition to many hotels, villas and accommodation in Kuta and the surrounding areas are also many night spots such as bars, lounges, nightclubs, cafes, malls, restaurants, boutiques and shops selling local products and international brands. You will be happy in this area.  

In addition to Hawaii, Nias and other great beaches in the world, then some of the beaches in Bali which was mentioned above, you can conquer in near future. So in Bali you can test your adrenaline. (See the map). If you want to learn to surf, you also can learn how to surf in Bali. There are professional coach will teach you to surf and learn about wave, wind and other related tips, so you can surf in Bali and other fantastic beach in the world. Don't forget try surfing in Dreamland beach near Nusa Dua, Bali. 

Please remember: If you are looking for a  surfers haven, then Bali is a true paradise for you.


srisahara said...

Yes, Bali is the best place for surfers. There are many beaches that suitable for surfing. I love the island so much...