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Bali Surfers Paradise

surfing in Kuta, surfing in Seminyak, bali surfer paradiseWhat is your favourite outdoor sports? Do you like surfing at the beach? Where you've conquered the waves of a beach?
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Surfing spots in Bali. Image:
You probably know Nias Island and Hawaii  are famous surfer's destination; Bali has long been renowned as a surfing spot, both for beginners and professionals. 

If you are just learning or a beginner, you can surf in Kuta Beach. Along the coast are a lot of beginners to learn for the first time. On this beach there is a place to learn surfing and this activity is carried out along Kuta Beach, the beach in the Padma to Seminyak Beach.

Return to Paradise

Bali Island is a tropical island is very beautiful, very famous in the world because it has fantastic natural scenery; art and culture are also amazing. Visitors can take leisurely, adventurous, outdoor activities like mountain climbing, rafting, diving, surfing, nightlife, spas, yoga, and so forth. Bali has a beautiful resort, charming hotel, villa comfortable and friendly locals. Bali is a peaceful atmosphere and will make anyone interesting will have wonderful memories and will return to the last paradise island in the future for a vacation or a romantic honeymoon in a beach sunset in this exotic island

There are many people from outside Bali and foreign tourists who repeatedly visit this tropical island. So is the visitors who have special reasons such as writers, artists, photographers, film makers and who have a particular concern to the people of Bali, they always want to go back to Bali.