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Kopi Luwak: A Real Coffee from Bali

Let's go to Bali and discover fantastic coffee in Bali.
Enjoy a cup of black coffee in paradise.

If you are a big fan of coffee, don’t forget to ask for the original coffee of Bali so that you can smell the aroma of coffee growing in this beautiful island.
You may frequently visit cafes or coffee shop that serve coffee from Toraja,  East Timor, Papua, Ethiopia, Uganda or coffee from the island of Java. Coffee also grows well in Bali, even has a unique flavor.
It is not just coffee tree can grow well in the land of Bali, chocolate or cacao trees can also grow with good yields. Even Bali has been a long time exporter of this commodity.
Jack in "The Bucket List" movie. Image:
If you drink coffee or enjoy a cake or ice cream that uses the scent of vanilla and chocolate in a cafe in Moscow, Paris, New York or Tokyo, then you have to feel a sense of exotic and delicious aroma of chocolate, coffee and vanilla from Bali, a real tropical paradise in the world. If you have ever watched the movie Bucket List, then you'll see a scene and dialogue about the civet coffee in this movie. 

The film, starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman is very interesting indeed. Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson did not say Luwak coffee with coffee, but mention the name of coffee in the original language of "Kopi Luwak". You should watch "The Bucket List" movie. It's a fantastic movie. I like this movie. The unique story of this coffee also appeared in an episode of Oprah Winfrey show.