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Food Paradise in Bali

Holiday in Bali is a great adventure for everyone. Enjoy your vacation in Bali is fun because you can see sunset in Tanah Lot, Kuta or visit many museum or gallery in Ubud, Mas, and other places around Bali, and don’t forget to try Balinese food. Balinese cuisine is known for its spicy ingredients, the Balinese roasted pig 'Babi Guling' is a favorite as well as the Indonesian 'Nasi Goreng' (fried rice) , 'Mie Goreng' (fried noodle) or 'Satay' are frequently chosen dishes by foreigners.
If you go to Jimbaran Beach, Pantai Lebih or other food street area please don’t forget to try Ikan Bakar (Balinese traditional sea food) also very popular in Bali. Other appetizing alternatives such as Chinese or Oriental cuisines are represented in numerable food-stands orestaurants, while European and American foods are now also found in most of the tourist hubs. 

You can enjoy many kind of food during your stay in Bali because Bali offers a wide selection of tropical fruits as well as various kinds of canned or boxed soft drinks made from them. Bottled mineral water is served at restaurants and hotels and travelers can protect themselves against digestive discomfort by drinking these and not tap water. Please try Balinese wine and other Indonesian beer. Excellent domestic made beers and rice wine called 'Brem' or Balinese alcohol 'Arak' and sweet coconut wine 'Tuak'. Or try hot drinks like: the tasty Balinese coffee or sweet Javanese tea. Take your time with your friends and taste the last paradise on earth. Clubbing in Bali is another adventure.

You will discover that Bali is full with attraction not just in night life, art and culture also in culinary that can satisfy your eyes, tongue and your soul. In Bali today, you can eat extremely well, and choose from many different national cuisines. Furthermore, the cost is a fraction of what you would pay, for the same quality of food, in any of the world's major cities. When you add to this, for no extra charge, some of the most magnificent dining settings that you could ever imagine, then you know that you really are holidaying in the `land of the gods'. Just go to a traditional restaurant, cafĂ© or other International restaurant. Remember, food streets or Pasar Senggol, Rumah Makan and Warung (Balinese traditional food restaurant or small shop) also an excellent choice. If you go to Warung for lunch you also enjoy warm smile and genuine hospitality of Balinese Warung owner. It’s yummy and worth the cash.


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