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Bali 10K

Bali is a fantastic multi event island. There are many unique events such as Bali Art Festival, Bali Fashion Week, traditional and a lot of unique religious ceremony. The month of August in Bali witnesses the great commemoration anniversary of Bali Province that takes place in August 14th. The running competition takes participation of elite athletes from international, national, public, students and visitor like us.

After a successful launch last year, the Bali provincial tourist office will once again hold the International Bali 10 K race. The actual race will be divided into four categories: an "elite international" grouping, an "elite national" grouping, a general grouping and a final category for student participants. Attractive merchandise and cash prizes have been prepared for each category of participation.

Will you join Bali 10K this year? Let’s go.


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Jamal W. said...

Yo awesome blog man def looking for vacation spot this summer after school and i ithink i found it rich culture is my thing keep up the blog pictures are amazing. - J Weav out

harsha said...

thanks.your site also very nice.....have a nice day.

pitsy said...

bali is soo beautiful.
i'm dreaming of going there! heheh
nway, thnks 4 visiting our blog.

tiffany said...

wow! very jealous. recently started running and would love to be able to do a 10K in bali!!!

thanks for the comment on my blog!

Thamires said...

Ahhh ; Blogg taahh muitoo massa ;;

Beeeijoo *


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