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Weekend in Tropical Island

Where are going this weekend? Go to the mall? It’s a good idea, but you’ve already visited your favorite mall almost every day. Let’s decide a different idea. Imagine that you will enjoy the ocean breeze with a candle light in Jimbaran Bay, near Nusa Dua beach, Bali. Imagine the taste of delicious sea food with a special Balinese recipe. It’s a romantic holiday.

Bali is well-known as the last tropical paradise on earth. Art and culture are alive in Bali. Every time you visit this tropical island you’ll see cultural and ritual activities. Balinese music, dance, painting, handicrafts, t-shirts, and other Balinese souvenir are very attractive. A night life in Bali is amazing and amusing. Just go to Seminyak and Kuta Beach, where you can enjoy wine, disco, live music, or just watch the sunset in Kuta Beach. Another place to enjoy a beautiful sunset is in Pura Tanah Lot, Tabanan.

Don’t worry about accommodation. Bali is a large resort in the world. There are many cozy hotels, small and five star or boutique hotels. Do you prefer to stay in Villa, yes, why not? There are also hotels, home stay or accommodations for back packers.

Don’t forget to see dolphin parade in Lovina Beach, Singaraja in north of Bali. Another place to fill your intellectual and sense of your art are Ubud, Mas, and Tegalalang in Gianyar. You can visit art gallery and museum in Ubud. If you want to release stress Ubud is the best place. Enjoy a traditional spa in Ubud is a great choice. If you like to feel a little adventure you can climb Mount Batur with a beautiful lake, wow what a wonderful day during in Bali. Let's go to Bali.

Journey to the Last Paradise

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Beautiful Hindu temple in Lake Beratan. Image:
Bali is known as The Island of the Gods. Although small, Bali is surrounded by beautiful beaches, mountains, hills, lakes, valleys, rivers, terraces of rice fields, and many more. 

The sun always shines all year round and there is two seasons, the rain season and the dry season. Not far from Pesaban, Karangasem Regency, you can see Mt. Agung, the highest peak in Bali, to the north. The weather in Mt. Agung is cool and calm. 

bali, jimbaran, lovina, paradise, rice fields, Tanah Lot, temple, diving in Bali, Hindu temple in Bali,
Pura Besakih, the largest  Hindu temple in Bali. Image:
You can also see the southern seas and the famous Nusa Penida Island. Bali is also known as the Island of A Thousand Temples. Every house has a temple, so does every village has their own temple. 

Government and business offices also has a small temple.Since the reign of ancient Indonesian empires, Bali has already been full of festive religious and traditional ceremonies, with the traditional Balinese Gamelan that variates from religious music to entertaining music. Since the time they are born, the Balinese people’s lives are full of these kinds of ceremonies. From the birth, birthdays, important events in life, marriage, and the cremation ceremony for the dead, known as Ngaben. Every ceremony is full of tributes to God, full of flowers and other decorations, and also a wide range of Gamelan music.