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Real Adventure in Paradise

Sun, Sand, and Blue Sky in Bali
Stay at home in December? No, you must go out. Bali is the best solution to heal you from daily life pressure. Let’s release the stress in Bali. Feel the warm of friendly smile of the Balinese, enjoy the tasty food, and clean your eyes to see the green view of the woods, blue sky above the horizon of the beaches. Can we find a night life in Bali? Why not? There are many places in Kuta, Seminyak, Legian and Sanur or Ubud to enjoy wine, disco, and other amusing entertainment.

There is another fantastic way to enjoy Bali. Ask the receptionist at your hotel that you want to rent a motor bike, so you can ride alone or with your partner. HIMPUNAN MOTOR TUA (HMT) BALI or Classical Motor Bike Club will provide you several of old motor bike made in Germany, British or USA. They will escort you to ride around Bali, so you can see Bali as a real man. Remember Terminator? Wow, you will look a like him, but in Balinese way, because they will give you a Balinese costume. Wow, you ride a big old motor bike with a Balinese costume? It’s awesome man.

If you like you can go to another island with HMT club, such as Lombok Island, a sister of Bali. They will escort you and show you all beautiful places in Bali and Lombok, even to east Java if you like.

As we know, Balinese is very creative when they entertain visitors. There is much kind of adventure activities in Bali. You can do rafting, bunggi jumping, hiking, and climbing a mountain, surfing in the world class wave.

When you finish with your ride, it’s time to relax in your cozy hotel, dinner, or massage and spa with ayurvedic style. Bali has most first class facilities in many several of rates from two stars up to five stars. If you compare your Australian Dollar, US Dollar or Euro, etc to local currency, you will earn a lot of advantages. There is no holiday like Bali because it’s affordable to everyone. Most hotels and villa in Bali provide a spacious room and you can choose to stay in a hotel or villa with private swimming pool, and not too expensive like in Europe, America, etc. If you decide Bali as your next holiday, prepare yourself as king or queen. They will treat you like a king and queen. So, go to your travel agent to book your airline ticket and hotel. Remember, Bali is mean holiday everyday. That’s why a lot of people call Bali as paradise. See you there.


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